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Timely questions, for all of us, but especially the Jews who have been blinded to the behaviors, choices and horrors their forbearers lived through and perished from.

Many non-Jews, have asked for decades, how the Jews of Nazi Germany (as Hitler's public speeches took an "us against them" turn) didn't see "IT" coming. They were unable to carry the truths they saw hourly, to their irrational ends.

Today, we have our answer, given over the past 2.5 years. The human tendency to believe, circumstances and persecution can get no worse, than what is being endured at the moment. So like Rabbits, we hunker down and plead to just be left alone, we'll agree to/do anything, but please leave us alone. So, we hand over autonomy, money, property, businesses, freedom of speech, dignity, dental fillings and finally life. All the while thinking, "it can't get any worse, who could do these things?"

M's experience is the other side of that coin and illustrates why ANY sector, group or society of peoples are susceptible to this. With VERY few exceptions, people will do anything to belong, to feel safe, to feel righteous, to be included in the majority. In belonging to the majority, you are "safe", in control of a given situation and able to project your fears, problems, anger and frustration on those labeled as OTHERS.

Goebbels understood this well and used it to great effect, labeling Jews as filthy, infestations of the pure German race; juxtaposing their caricatures with rats...vermin. They even were tagged with yellow stars, so the good Germans knew who to loath, abandon and ostracize. In Tel-Aviv, the citizenry have been taught the same lessons...the murderous Vermin do not wear masks and have no vax passport.

Although many of us would like to think so, Modern Jews are not immune to this indoctrination and subversion. They are no different than their pre-nazi German counterparts, who were facing national demoralization, financial crisis, governmental upheaval, international sanctions/pressures, fear and uncertainty in the aftermath of WW1.

The Germans of old, are not unique in this, as M's story clearly illustrates. Moa's China saw the rise of the Red Guards, Lenin had his Bolsheviks, Stalin had the Great Purge, Gulags and Dekulakization. All these required societies and citizenries to turn on one another and willingly separate, label and persecute (in many cases to death) their fellow countrymen.

This doesn't answer the how, right?

As with all things, we must look to the past, for our answers. There are numerous examples of the timeless principles, used by leaders, against populations and societies...but one of the clearest and most concise examples was written out in 1869, by Sergey Genadievich Nechayev.


The principles of The Revolutionary Catechism are the blue print, that underpins every activist movement past and present (to include Covid related mandates). To illustrate the gravity of Nechayev's writings, Lenin was reported to have said he is the "Titan of Revolution" and that all his writings must be found and studied. I am willing to bet, 99% of today's world population (who are victims of his revolutionary instructions), have never heard of him.

The answer to your insightful question "What did those Tel Aviv opera-goers think they were doing when they mobbed M?"...

They were doing what they saw as righteous and just, as taught by the radical movement. This movement, in modern times, knows no borders or national loyalty. You no longer need a Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Amin. The Globalist Elites (read orchestrators) see worldwide ideological battlefield, where victory is measured not by body counts and battles won, but by the level of control and subjugation they have over world populations.

The irony and astonishment of your observations is surprising. The last 10 years (and in a more concentrated blend, the last 2.5 years) has proven, humans have always been vulnerable to the same sets of ideological and moral mines. Just because a people have been persecuted over the span of written history, does not mean they are immune.

People have an inherent tendency, to forget their collective histories, Whether by apathy, fear, self delusion, hopelessness or grooming, they allow critical lessons to fade into obscurity and those lessons are lost for newer generations...but rest assured, they are not lost for the leaders, tyrants, despots and Global oligarchs/elites...they are students of history and have long memories.

What makes M's story so concerning is that Jews (on a world level) like Black Americans (on a national level), are our Moral Barometers. When these two groups become, that which persecuted and oppressed them, then humanity becomes a rudderless boat, adrift in an angry moral-less/conscienceless sea.

At that point it will take a Moses figure, coming down from the mountain, to admonish the people for turning away from God and worshipping the golden calf of woke-ism and the great reset.

Will we, the remnant, understand that we are that figure?

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"Will we, the remnant, understand that that we are that figure?"

An EXCELLENT question. I have spent the last two years looking for any indication that people are starting to understand this. So far I see none, but I fear we are still at the beginning of this sorry saga.

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Hmmm...I feel like you may need to step back and re-examine the battlefield. You and MAA are among those countless figures, around the world. All those who protested and refused to subjugate themselves to a tyrannical mandate are those figures. Those seeking the truth at outlets like substack are those figures. Those who will not plead for their antagonist and persecutors to leave them alone, but will stand and face them, are those figures.

What I have lamented on other outlets, is that we (followers of the truth and God's intentions for us) have always played the short game. It's is a human failing, to be sure, but since God has an eternal timeline, it's always seemed ironic, that our chosen perspective is myopic, by comparison. Conversely, the the enemy (read evil, woke-industrial complex) play the long game. They plan in decades and centuries, not election cycles. It is this strategy, that has allowed them to sit in seats of power around the world, control the means of food production, control the worlds media and information services and indoctrinate our children to oppose all that we value and stand for. Their goal is to have a Godless, controllable and obedient population.

We must change our perspective.

Work diligently, be focused, understand your enemy and have a plan.

Understand you will not be here to see the fruits of your labor and be OK with that sacrifice.

Never ask an enemy for quarter or mercy, never plead for them to leave you alone...they have declared themselves your enemy for a reason...you must understand this. The reason is, you refuse to bow to whatever secular God they are serving at any given time.

Moses did not lament and drop his staff, when he understood, he would never enter the promised land. Many would have, after-all what's the use? You're surrounded by ungrateful idolaters, whiners and wretches, why make the sacrifice for them? He could have easily pitched his tent, sat down and rested, until his death.

Of course he didn't. The timeline and purpose were God's not his. The sacrifice was in service to his creator's eternal plan and so was obediently made.

So take heart, there are more of you, than you know.

Keep bringing the truth to the masses, your efforts will bear fruit, when they are meant to.

Be well.

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That's wonderful! Thank you so much!

Sophie Scholl is a personal hero of mine, so I'm thrilled to see the White Roses take the Declaration up.

~ Donna Rachel

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