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What is going on globally has no former equivalent, save the timeframe leading up to the flood. Noah spoke to his world for 120 years...to no avail save his immediate family.

Had there been internet in his day I suspect the 120 years would have been drastically shortened.

His verbal and physical message (ark building) had sufficient time to permeate the population of his day.

In our world...that message reaches a vast swath of the global population in moments. God is patient.

What has overtaken humanity? What could be responsible for the veils covering the eyes and minds of the bulk of humanity today?

We mimick Germany of the 1930s in so many ways, as the majority walk about in a complete stupor, or intentional denial.

The difference now being the issue is global...not merely inflicting one nation.

My own so-called christian friends and family read from the same script as Bourla. They live in a fog...or chose to defend a lie they purchased early into this dilema.

There can only be one source in my mind to utterly blind humanity is such a significant fashion. Like God...this creature has chosen to use his disciples to divulge the message. To use their God given intelligence and creativity to foment the message of the adversary.

To be sure...even as the events leading up to the flood took generations in the planning and consructing..so to is it true today.

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Great piece of work! Keep bringing the truth.

A few observations, if I may.

The Jewish people (read younger generation) seem to be suffering from the same thing as the gentiles, a virus known as "the spirit of the age". The term was coined by Political author, talk show host and movie producer Steve Deace (can be found on Blaze TV). "The spirit of the age" is an all encompassing euphemism, for the hand of evil, relentlessly spreading across our societies/world.

In the past that statement would have been considered hyperbole, but not today.

One of the numerous ways this virus is spread, is the changing or erasure of history. It's easy to do, especially as the generations who lived through history, begin to pass away.

When watching the clips you posted and others, the lack of younger people, is conspicuous. However, when you see clips of protesters on the opposing side...burning cities, beating up the elderly, looting, shutting down roads and towns, sectors of cities...the majority are indeed younger.

They are glaring proof of the successful efforts of evil, in societies around the world. The feeble minded (read young, groomed, indoctrinated, ignorant of history and life) are easily manipulated and see themselves as fighters against oppression...which is defined by the elites, the experts and the acolytes of the spirit of the age (read politicians, civic leaders, religious leaders, celebs, sports figures, influencers, media, etc).

The way a society loses it's ability to connect these critical, corrupt dots is it loses it oral history skills. The void is filled with the woke soundbite. Which slowly reshapes and re-writes history and the context surrounding it.

I would wager, at the opening of this museum, Bourla's speech will craftily link the persecution and murder of millions of Jews, by the nazis to the deaths of covid victims at the hands of the unmasked, un-jabbed and those questioning the deadly shots (like the warrior Dr. Zelenko). The event, Bourla's speech and the publicized support of the elites will be added to the woke lexicon and be used by media, global leaders, and those feeble minded SJWs...to erase the truth of how so many were killed, by the spirit of the age...in nazi Germany.

Keep bringing the truth, especially to the younger generations. We have lost them and must get them back. If we don't, then truth and the real history of our collective world, will be lost forever.

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An additional thought to share...how does a regime, system or movement solidify it's legitimacy and write it's own popular narrative....one way is to crown it's own heroes and saints.

Here's the American equivalent, to the Jewish government's efforts (no slight intended, to the holocaust victims). Notice all the recipients either belong to a protected/sympathetic class or are representative figures, for a given part of the agenda.


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When we understand that governments have already...or are purchasing millions of dollars of the new improved death jab...we can be certain the intent is to use them.

One can only imagine the themes being concocted even today to drive a now slightly more hesitant crowd back in for yet another round.

Where I live the public mask mandates ended months ago...yet well over half...close to 70% still mask up.

In this community...most of these people are low hanging fruit for the fall booster program brougt to us via Trudo. They will be eager recipients, and the SeeBeeSea will be there as national cheerleaders.

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The government has already collapsed, but not because of anger over Covid, of which there is remarkably little. Elections in the next month or two.

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